Hosting a qualifier for CVR is easy, and CVR provides support along the way to make it as easy as possible for our Event Partners to host events.  We also recommend that scrimmages follow the procedures below to keep the experience similar between qualifiers and scrimmages; however, scrimmages do not need to implement the entirety of a qualifier.

Overview - What is Involved?

A FIRST LEGO League Challenge Qualifier requires a few rooms to hold events and activities, volunteers to help run the various activities, and a partner committee to oversee the event and handle finances.   The first question to ask is "How many teams will we be supporting at this qualifier?".  CVR expects events to either support 12, 18, 24, 36, or 48 teams.  Event resource needs are typically based off how many multiples of 12 teams are at an event.    

Partner Organization and Finances

CVR partners with organizations to help run our qualifiers.  These organizations nominate an individual or two that will serve as the Event Partners.  These Event Partners will lead their respective qualifiers (IE: event director), attend CVR Event Partner Meetings, and work with CVR staff to ensure a successful event.

The organization is also responsible for handling all finances for the event.  CVR works with our partners to create a fixed Registration Fee that all teams must pay, and the payments are sent directly to the Partner Organization. The Organization must pay for all costs from the event using this income and fundraise for in additional income if necessary.  CVR also issues a Qualifier Support Fee to each qualifier to cover costs for services provided by CVR.

Volunteers and Planning Committee

Volunteers are crucial; therefore, CVR provides a vetted volunteer structure to make our events run successfully. Furthermore, CVR provides mandatory training and helpful resources for volunteers.  However, events are required to recruit volunteers for all roles, excluding the key volunteer roles.  While the volunteer needs will ultimately depend on the layout of the event, here are some ballpark figures:

  • 24 team event: 45 volunteers
  • 36 team event: 65 volunteers
  • 48 team event: 85 volunteers

Additionally, CVR provides a structure for the Partner Committee that helps run the qualifier.  While there is one or two Event Partners that work with CVR staff, there is a committee that helps plan the details of the event.  Details of the committee can be found below in Step 1.

Room and Venue Needs

There are a few important rooms at a FIRST LEGO League Challenge Qualifier:

  • Robot Game Arena: This area/room should be large enough to accommodate a set of 8'x8' game tables and required support needs.  A gymnasium typically works for this room. 
    • 24 or fewer teams: one 8'x8' table
    • 25-48 teams: two 8'x8' tables
  • Team Pits: This area requires space for each team to have minimum of 3'x6' sized table with chairs (preferably 3'x10' or larger to sit 8-10 people).  There is also one 4'x8' game table in the room per 12 teams at the event.  (IE: 24 teams = two tables).  This area can be split amongst multiple rooms, however this will create extra volunteer positions to manage multiple rooms. A cafeteria typically works for this room. 
  • Judging Rooms: For every 12 teams, a qualifier needs three judging rooms in close proximity.   Each room should be approximately 15'x15' in size. Classrooms typically work for these rooms. 
  • Volunteer Support Rooms: A qualifier needs a volunteer lounge to support the number of volunteers in place.  Additionally, each event needs a separate Judges' Lounge for deliberations.  

Submit a Request to Host a Qualifier!

If you would like to host a qualifier, be sure to see which event dates are still available by looking on this page.  If the date still is available, please contact CVR by using the form here

View Event Calendar

The FIRST LEGO League Challenge Qualifier Manual

The remaining sections of the wiki are dedicated to support and management of a qualifier.   The sections are split between pre-event, and event day management functions.

All Resources Available for Download

This pages contains a list of all files and downloads available for events.  Secure files can be downloaded in the Secure Resources Wiki Space.  Must be a confirmed Event Partner to view secure files.  Wiki Login Required.

NameDescriptionLinks to Access
Challenge MaterialsChallenge Guide, Game Updates, etcChallenge Materials and Resources
Logos - ChallengeLogos Files (PNG, Vector, etc) and Supporting Artwork. Also includes branding guidelines.Challenge Logos and Supporting Artwork
Logos - FIRST and ProgramLogos Files (PNG, Vector, etc) for FIRST and each Program. Also includes branding guidelines. FIRST Logo Artwork
Logos - CVRLogos Files (PNG, Vector, etc) for the Central Valley Robotics gear logo. Also includes branding guidelines.CVR Logo and Brand Standards
Challenge PosterThe official challenge poster for recruitment.Challenge Posters
Volunteer Recruitment PosterPosters (some editable) for volunteer recruitment.

Generic Volunteer Poster Coming Soon

Key Volunteer Poster Coming Soon

Local Recruitment Flyer Coming Soon

Season Standards ManualOfficial document from CVR indicating how FIRST LEGO League is run at our Qualifiers. This can be considered the Event Partner Manual from the Team's perspective.Season Standards Manual
Team FormsForms submitted by teams to CVR for participation in FIRST LEGO League.

Consent and Release Form Available through the FIRST Dashboard

Coach Agreement

Volunteer FormsForms submitted by volunteers to CVR for participation in FIRST LEGO League. Requirements for each form can be found on Volunteer Roles, Recruitment, and Screening.

Consent and Release Form available through MyCVR.

Walk On Volunteer Form

Volunteer Forms - Venue SpecificThese forms are for volunteers, however they apply to specific Districts or venues.

Clovis USD Volunteer Form

Event Materials and Samples

NameDescriptionLinks to Access
Event MapsSample event maps from previous events.

2017 Qualifier Map

2018 Championship Map

Pit MapsSample pit maps for previous events.

2017 Qualifier Pit Map

2018 Championship Pit Maps

Opening Ceremonies ScriptsSample scripts from previous events.

2018 Season Sample Script

2018 Championship (Spring) - Opening Ceremonies Script (Login Required)

SignageSample Signage

2018 Championship Posted Signage

2018 Championship Directional Signage

Signage Template (2018)Signage Template
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