Central Valley Robotics logos are provided below for Team and Event Usage.  Central Valley Robotics has worked over many year's to establish our brand and identity in the valley, and we require teams and events to follow certain brand usage guidelines to ensure a consistent image for the program.  

In general, CVR requires that all usages of our logo be approved in advance, with the exceptions noted below.  Notably, the CVR logo may not be used in any products for sale without express written permission from Central Valley Robotics.  

The CVR Gear Logo must be used as provided with not changes to aspect, orientation, or colors.   The logo may be produced in a single color format for monochrome printing.  

Team Usage

Teams are allowed to use the CVR Gear Logo on their season materials (printouts, poster boards, presentations, etc) without permission, as long as they are not on products that are being sold for money.  CVR must approval all uses of our logo on items for sale.  

Teams may either use the Gear logo with the full organization title or just the Gear logo.  If the latter is to be used, the full title must appear nearby the logo.  For example, check out the footer of the 2017 Season Standard Manual.   

Event Usage

Coming soon!

Logo Assets

Light Backgrounds

With Title

Download:  Image (PNG) or Vector (EPS)

No Title

Download:   Image (PNG) or Vector (EPS)

Dark Backgrounds

With Title

Download:   Image (PNG) or Vector (EPS)

No Title

Download:   Image (PNG) or Vector (EPS)

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