Branding Rules

  1. Use the logo in its entirety. You are allowed to pull design elements from the logo if the entire logo is pictured elsewhere on the same page.
  2. Please use the full color version of the logo whenever possible to create a consistent look for the season. However, 1 and 2-color versions are available to save on printing costs.
  3. Be sure to pair the Challenge logo with the FIRST® LEGO® League logo. Otherwise it appears that “HYDRO DYNAMICSSM” is the name of the program, not FIRST LEGO League. Your efforts here will help increase awareness of the FIRST LEGO League brand!

2018 INTO ORBIT Challenge Logos

Coming Soon!

2017 HYDRO DYNAMICS Challenge Logos

The 2017 Challenge Logos are available in a variety of formats.

Color Version (Primary)

Download as PNG or EPS (Vector)

Grayscale Version (Secondary)

Download as PNG or EPS (Vector)

One Color Version - Black (Only if needed)

Download as PNG or EPS (Vector)

One Color Version - White (Only if needed)

Download as PNG or EPS (Vector)

2017 HYDRO DYNAMICS Supporting Artwork

The following is a collection of water pipes that can be cropped and used as supporting artwork for this season. 

Download as PNG or EPS (Vector)

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