While Central Valley Robotics oversees the region, each event must budget and pay all expenses relating to the qualifier.   Each team attending an event will pay the Event Registration Fee to the Partner Organization directly, and payments from teams are due in late October.   In most cases, the fees from teams should help cover most of the costs for the event.

Income: Registration Fees, Event Day Sales, and Sponsorship

There are multiple ways to raise money for a qualifier, some are automatic and some need some work from the Partner Organization.  

Event Registration Fee

CVR dictates a standard fee each team must pay to attend an event.  This fee is intended to help offset costs for the qualifier.  For the 2017 Season, each team will pay $85 per event they attend, and teams will pay this money directly to the Partner Organization.  

Therefore, for a 24 team qualifier, the total income from fees will be $2040

Event Day Sales

Another simple way to raise money at an event is to sell items on event day.  This most often takes the form of a snack bar.  This snack bar can also sell lunches as well (lunch preorder forms can be posted online).  This is a fairly easy method to raise some extra funding for the qualifier, however extra volunteer staff will be needed to run the snack bar.  

All items sold at a qualifier must be appropriate for children.  CVR reserves the right to ask certain items not to be sold at an event. 


While sometimes the most work, getting an organization to sponsor the event can greatly increase the available budget at a qualifier.  This can allow for higher production value in the Arena, or more activities for the students during the day.

Partners can include the sponsor's logo on the event webpage and in the event program. For large donations, Partners can also chose to name the event after the sponsor (IE: make them the "title sponsor").

Sample Budget

Here is a sample budget with some common event costs.





Competition Tables

Competition Tables (these 4’x8’ wooden tables are used in three areas at the venue):

  • Robot Game:
    • <= 24 teams: 2 tables
    • 25 - 48 teams: 4 tables
  • Practice Tables: One table per 12 teams.

Here are the table totals based on event size:

  • <= 24 teams: 4 tables
  • 25 - 36 teams: 7 tables
  • 37 - 48 teams: 8 tables




$10/table if rented from CVR

CVR Qualifier Support Fee

The CVR Qualifier Support Fee covers the costs of the following items and is paid to CVR.  See the section below on the Qualifier Support Fee for the cost breakdown.



See below

Food for Volunteers

CVR events run through lunch, so it is important to feed your volunteers!   Water and snacks are highly recommended to have on hand throughout the entire day.  Look to see if food can be donated by a local restaurant for lunch.

If partners expect setup to run late into the evening, consider providing a small dinner for all of the setup volunteers.



Referee Shirts

Can be borrowed from CVR.   If funding is available, events can purchase their own Referee Shirts online.


Does not need to be sophisticated, but ability to play music and announce matches in the Robot Game area is important.  Look for in-kind support or borrowed equipment. 

CVR has a sound system that can be borrowed.


Site Usage

These are fees associated with the site, like custodial services.



Equipment Rentals as needed. Look for in-kind support.



Pen, papers, markers, extension cords, etc.




Projection from the Robot Game tables on a screen for easier viewing.


Qualifier Support Fee

The CVR Qualifier Support Fee is paid to CVR and covers a set of resources for use at an official qualifier.   The items covered and cost breakdown is in the table below.   Some items in the table below have shipping or fixed costs that is only reflected in the final three columns. 

CVR will round the cost to $550 for a 24 Team Event, $790 for a 36 Team Event, and $990 for a 48 Team Event.   For events that wish to purchase more shirts, CVR will add the base cost of the shirt to the Qualifier Support Fee.Explanation of Fee

If you wish to see the list of items CVR brings to an event, see the Packing Checklist in the Secure Resources section: 2018 INTO ORBIT

Robot Game Table Rental

CVR allows partners to rent tables from CVR for their event.  CVR only has a limited number of tables on hand, so we serve requests on a first come, first serve basis.  Tables (with sawhorses) can be rented for $10 / per table / per event.  Partners will need to arrange for pickup, storage, and return of the Robot Game Tables.  Rental requests must be received at least 3 week prior to a qualifier and CVR will add the rental amount to the Qualifier Support Fee invoice.  

When is the fee due?

Partners should attempt to get the fee submitted as soon as possible; however the deadline for submitting the fee is December 11

Note from FIRST about Cultural Sensitivity

FIRST is a non-denominational, non-partisan public charity. FIRST LEGO League welcomes all cultures and religions to participate in our programs and activities. We are guided by sensitivity and respect for others, embracing a common goal of inspiring, engaging and encouraging youth of all backgrounds to be a part of the FIRST LEGO League community and embrace the wonders of science and technology.”

While religious groups are welcome to participate and sponsor events, we cannot distribute religious based materials to teams. 

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