Starting in 2019, CVR is no longer providing programs at events.  All information will be digitally available through MyCVR.  However, events are welcome to produce and print their own programs for events.  Below are the CVR templates used in previous seasons, as well as standard FIRST templates. 

CVR Event Program (From INTO ORBIT)

The CVR Event program was composed of three parts. 

  • 11x17 cover folded in half to create the outside of the booklet.  This had the challenge details and some contact information.  This was the same for all events across an entire season.
  • Inside the programs:
    • Event insert: event insert customized to each event.
    • Generic Insert: a generic CVR insert.  This is mostly the same each year. 

Unfortunately, FIRST no longer provides the challenge in an easy format to generate the cover (we highly leveraged the old Challenge Format), however it should be possible to come up with something similar. 

FIRST Provided 2019 Event Programs (FIRST LEGO League)

Be sure to read the user guide for formatting guidance.

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