List of Materials

Event Partners need to create a set of documents prior to event day.  This page lists the documents, as well as the deadlines for each document. 

Event Registration Details

While this is not a formal document to prepare, CVR does need certain details prior to event registration for each event:

  • Checks Payable.  Who do teams make checks out to? Also specify Memo Field if needed
  • Payment Address.  Where do teams send payments?  Include "Attn" if needed.

Deadline:  One week prior to event registration.

The Core Values Teamwork Challenge

During the first 5 minutes of the Core Values Judging Session, the judges give each team a Teamwork Challenge.  The Teamwork Challenge is used to judge the team’s ability to work as a team.  To help create new and exciting challenges, CVR asks that the Event Partners create the Teamwork Challenge and approve it with the Regional Judge Advisor at least one week prior to the event.  Here are some required guidelines to the challenge:

  1. Five-minute maximum.  Both explanation and execution of the challenge should take no more than five minutes.  The explanation itself should take no more than 60 seconds. 
  2. Easy cleanup and turnover.  It is important that the judges can clean up and reset quickly between sessions.  The judges only have about 60 seconds to flip the room for the next team.
  3. Gets all team members involved.  (Note that team sizes may vary from 3-10 members, so the challenge must accommodate for any sized team.)

The Teamwork Challenge must include:

  1. Written instructions for the Teamwork Challenge should be provided to each team (either taped on a table or provided to each team) and cannot leave the room. The more straightforward and simplified the instructions can be, the better.
  2. A “script” to be read by the judges to each team to ensure consistent delivery of the challenge to each team.

Additionally, CVR requires all events in a single season to have a unique Core Values activity. 

Event Map and Pit Map

Each event must create an event map which shows the locations of all activities at the venue.  This map can also include arrows to indicate the direction of traffic, or open doors at the venue.  Additionally, each event must create a pit map in which teams are assigned a pit space.  The assignment of teams to pit locations (tables) is left to the partner; however, a fair process should be used to assign teams.  

Deadline:  Both event and pit maps are due to CVR two weeks prior to the event.

Sample Maps:


Events should put up signs that label all key areas around the event.   All judging rooms, the pit area, the volunteer areas, and the competition area should be clearly labeled.  Additionally, signage with arrows should be placed in areas guiding teams, volunteers, and guests around the event venue.  The FIRST LEGO League, CVR, and challenge logos should be visible on the signage.

Signage Template:

  • 2018 Qualifier Signage Template.  Has some sample signs, however please customize for event needs.  Judging Rooms signs, with color coded judging areas, should remain in that format.  This Template has the Season Specific colors and logos. 

Sample Signage: (Click to Download PDF)


Sponsor Logos for Website and Score System

Central Valley Robotics has the ability to display sponsor logos to teams in a variety of formats.  Partners can elect to have all sponsors listed in all locations show below, or reserve some locations for higher value sponsors.

  • Website: Each event has a dedicated page on our website.  Logos can be show on this event page
    • Deadline: As soon as available.  Takes up to 72 hours to post. 
  • Score Display: The score system has the ability to show sponsor logos.  There are two locations available, and logos must be in a specific format.
    • Deadline: 3 days prior to the Event to allow CVR to format logos

Opening Ceremonies Script

CVR expects each event to hold an Opening Ceremonies, which should last around 30 minutes.  The opening ceremonies should cover:

  • The overview of the event day
  • Thank any and all sponsors
  • (optional) Parade of teams, or introduction of teams
  • Answer the questions: What is FIRST LEGO League, what is the Challenge, and what is the Global Innovation Award?
  • Discuss Advancement to Championship (Global Innovation Award + Standard Advancement)
  • Playing of the National Anthem (either live or recording)
  • (Important!) Conclude by announcing the time and location of the Coaches Meeting

CVR has a few sample scripts available:

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