Due to the high energy and fast environment of an event, Event Partners must be prepared to handle medical and non-medical situations if they arise.  

Medical Incidents

While unlikely, some situations arise during the event day that will require medical attention.  Event staff must first ensure that those affected receive appropriate care from certified individuals depending on the severity of the incident.  

Once the situation has been stabilized, the Event Partner (or designated volunteer) must fill out the FIRST Medical Incident form provided in the Judge Advisor Crate.   Fill out the form with as much information as possible.   Once the form is completed, the Event Partner / Designee must turn the Medical Incident form into the Judge Advisor for storage in the Judge Advisor Crate (Do not follow the instructions at the bottom of the form).

For medical situations requiring emergency services (911), event staff should contact CVR as soon as possible to report the incident.

Non-Medical Incidents

Non-medical situations are very rare at FIRST events; however, FIRST has defined a process to be used in the event a situation does arise.  While FIRST desires every volunteer and participant to receive fair and impartial treatment at all times FIRST does recognize that conflicts, misunderstandings, and other behavioral problems will arise from time to time. These concerns or problems may involve other event volunteers, event participants, Mentors, or FIRST policies. Although most misunderstandings can and should be resolved on an informal basis, more formal provisions have been made to report and resolve incidents that may occur at a FIRST event.  

Any Key Volunteer can fill out the Non-Medical Incident form as needed.  The forms are located in the Judge Advisor Crate as needed.  They must be turned into the Judge Advisor for storage in the Judge Advisor Crate.

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