Partner Organization

Central Valley Robotics partners with an outside organization for each of our qualifiers.  These organizations are responsible for many functions of the event.  

Division of Responsibilities

CategoryWhat the Partner ProvidesWhat CVR Provides
  • Recruitment and assignment of all volunteering roles at the event, except Key Volunteer roles
  • Recommends individuals for Key Volunteer positions
  • Ensure all volunteers sign up and register in CVR's volunteer management tool: MyCVR
  • Ensure all volunteers are certified for their role (if role requires certification).
  • Training and Certification for all roles
  • Background checks for all volunteers (through FIRST, exempted as necessary).
  • Assignment of Key Volunteers
  • A venue and a layout of the event across the venue facility per CVR guidance.
  • Final approval for event layouts
  • Generates maps (Event, Pit, etc) and delivers to CVR for posting online.
  • Generates and prints signage as necessary for the event
  • Responsible for covering all costs related to the event
  • Responsible for receiving all qualifier registration fees and entering them into MyCVR in a timely manner.
  • Recruits event sponsors as necessary (subject to CVR approval)
  • Sample Budgets
  • Approves all event sponsorship requests in a timely manner.

Event Planning Committee

The first step in hosting an event is to form a committee of key people that will help organize and run the event.  In FIRST LEGO League, we call this the Event Planning Committee.  These people will help find funding, find the event venue, and help obtain all supplies necessary to run an event.   You can see the relationship between Planning Committee roles and the rest of the event day roles.  Visit the Volunteer Roles, Recruitment, and Screening page for more details on the rest of the volunteer roles.

Description of Roles

Event Partner

  • Oversees the entire event
  • Acts as liaison to CVR on behalf of the Event Planning Committee
  • Works with CVR to determine event team capacity
  • Ensures all areas are staffed, informed, and on schedule
  • Works with the Judge Advisor and Emcee to coordinate the Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Communicates with CVR assigned Judge Advisor and Head Referee
  • Produces event signage
  • Procures all event supplies

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Works with Judge Advisor and Head Referee to recruit judges and referees, and ensures that all volunteers complete their training
  • Recruits and trains some Event Day or general volunteers (excluding the training of judging and robot game roles)
  • Oversees all communications with volunteers
  • Supervises all Event Day volunteers

Technology Coordinator

  • Oversees DJ, audio, visual, computer needs
  • Ensures technical systems are functional, safe, and meet event needs
  • Go-to person when computer problems arise

Facilities Liaison

  • Deals with issues relating to facility usage
  • Serves as a liaison to facility management and workers
  • Arranges for building usage - power, tables, rooms, custodial, building access, etc.

Food Manager

  • Coordinates food and drink needs
  • Coordinates concession stands for the event
  • Coordinates team lunches, if applicable

Media / VIP Coordinator

  • Coordinates VIP guests and media for the event
  • Manages tours during the event for VIPs
  • Works with the Public Relations manager for CVR to produce Press Releases for events

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Helps contact and approach organizations that could be potential donors
  • Establishes effective sponsor benefits for donating

Reality of the Planning Committee      

You may not have enough people to fill each spot on the committee, so some people will wear multiple “titles” and share the responsibility of all the tasks listed above. 

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