The Robot Performance Area is one of the most important areas at an FIRST LEGO League event . It is the only part of the challenge that is available to the public to view.  This area is under the supervision of the Head Referee and the Head Referee should be present for Setup. 

Materials Needed

Provided by CVR

  • All Official Printing (Match Schedules, Scoresheets, agendas, etc)
  • Pens, Clipboards, etc for Referees
  • Referee Zebra Shirts
  • Collection materials for Scoresheets
  • Score Computer
  • Live Stream / AV Equipment
  • Challenge Kits
  • (Pending) Robot Game Tables and Saw Horses

Provided by Partner

  • Tables for Volunteers to use as Score Desk / Music / AV production
  • Sound System
  • Projection System


The diagram above shows a generic layout of the Robot Game Area.  The most important section is the blue shaded area titled Robot Game Area.  The space requirements around the Robot Game tables help keep traffic moving, which is critical to keep this area on schedule.   Additionally, space between the tables and the public viewing area is needed to prevent the public from leaning in and touching the tables. 

Everything on the inside of the red lines represents the “restricted area” in which only volunteers and teams (who are queued for a match) may enter.  The Team Waiting/Queuing Areas can vary in size, there should be enough room for 2-3 teams to stand.   The large arrows represent team traffic flow.  

The purple bordered area (Match timer and scores) can be placed anywhere, as long as the screen is viewable by the Referees and teams at the table.  The robot score table and music table can be two separate tables.  

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