Breakdown of Email Duties

An important part of a Partner's job is to ensure both teams and volunteers are communicated with prior to the event.   This includes sending agendas, reminders, lunch order forms, etc.  As part of CVR's support of events, CVR will send out emails on certain topics for each group.

GroupWhat Partners CoverWhat CVR Covers
  • Fee Reminders (Partners must enter receipt of payments, so CVR cannot accurately determine if teams have paid)
  • Lunch order forms
  • Weather recommendations
    • For example, if teams must walk outside to get between rooms and buildings, it is important that teams are aware of the weather outside. Teams should be notified to wear appropriate clothing and be notified of any outdoor travel.
  • Team Information Request
  • Any other reminders for success on event day
  • Any post-event needs (missing equipment from rooms, etc)
  • Team Deadline Reminders (Team Profiles, practice table registration, etc)
  • Posting of event maps (including pit map)
  • Release of Team Schedules
  • Rubric and Results Availability
  • Survey Reminders
  • Screening and Certification Reminders
  • Assignment change needs
  • Agendas and Expectations

Important Reminders

  • Emails should be professional and inclusive of all readers.  
  • Emails should be to the point and they should avoid rambling and excess text.  
  • Efforts should be made to ensure that emails are proofed and free of typos / grammar errors.

CVR does not proof emails for partners unless asked.  Emails will be sent to teams as soon as they can be processed.  However, CVR does reserve the right to limit a Partner's ability to send emails should CVR note abuse of the email system.   

How to Send Emails?

Partners will use MyCVR to send emails to volunteers and teams.  More information about the email blast system will be available in the fall of 2018. 

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