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Welcome to the Core Values Judging Training! Judges may feel that Core Values Judging is more subjective, and this is why we have a formal judging process to assess a team’s mastery of the Core Values. Also, this creates a dedicated, consistent judging environment for all teams. 

To start, the Core Values are:

  • Discovery:  We explore new skills and ideas.
  • Innovation:  We use creativity and persistence to solve problems.
  • Impact:   We apply what we learn to improve our world.
  • Inclusion:  We respect each other and embrace our differences.
  • Teamwork:  We are stronger when we work together.
  • Fun:  We enjoy and celebrate what we do!

Layout of the Session

A Core Values Judging Session consists of two parts: a five minute Teamwork activity and a five minute Question and Answer session. Teams may decide to utilize the optional Core Values Poster. The Core Values poster is designed to help you, the Core Values Judges, learn more about the team you are judging and its unique story. The Core Values Poster is a great tool to help the team you are judging show how they think about how they implement the Core Values in team meetings and elsewhere. 

However, the creation of a Core Values Poster is not required of teams and there should be no penalty for not creating a Core Values Poster.

Now that we have talked about the Core Values Poster, let's discuss how to run a Core Values Judging Session. Begin the judging session by reading the scripted instructions of the teamwork activity provided by the Tournament Director to the students. It is critical that you observe the teams as as they work on their activity, because completing the activity is not important. The process through which the team undergoes to attempt to finish the activity is important. When the judging session hits the five minute mark, feel free to start the Question and Answer session. Make sure to use the Question and Answer session to determine the team's knowledge of and understanding of the Core Values and Teamwork. Also, use these questions to help you complete your rubric. The goal of the Core Values Judging Session is to examine how the team works together, how the team manages time, how the team solves problems, and how the team applies Core Values inside and outside of FIRST LEGO League.

Evaluating Rubrics

The Core Values Rubric is new this year! Even experienced judges need to take a look at the new rubric and check out how the sections align more closely with the new FIRST Core Values. There is now only one comment section at the end, so please make sure that what you write will help a team improve for the next level of competition. 

There are three Judges Components in a Core Values Judging Session: Inspiration, Teamwork, and Gracious Professionalism.   As a judge, you’ll evaluate team performance in each rubric criteria.  From beginning to exemplary, each rubric area specifies the team behavior you should see at that level.  You can mark “ND” for “Not Demonstrated” if the team doesn’t provide any information to help you assess what they did. Please circle on the rubric where you evaluate a team. 

Core Values Rubric

When writing feedback for teams, recognize that teams work hard and treat them with respect. Complement the children’s achievements with vocabulary appropriate for the subject matter.  Make sure you  positively communicate opportunities to improve.  Keep all your comments constructive. When taking notes, discussing teams, and completing rubrics, be specific and share examples or evidence that supports why the team achieved a particular evaluation.  Specific comments are more helpful to teams than general impressions. When you first meet in your judging pair, determine a system to keep detailed notes, complete rubrics, and make comments in between teams so that you’ll stay on time while giving quality feedback.

CVR will provide all of the rubrics you will need on an event day, so please do not print your own! You must use the rubrics provided by CVR on an event day.

Negative Core Values Behaviors 

Serious Core Values behaviors from teams, coaches, and supporters may disqualify a team from receiving awards or advancing to the Championship event. Please report any positive or negative Core Values observations to the Judge Advisor, who will determine the best course of action appropriate to the seriousness of the behavior. Core Values observations can be submitted on the Core Values Input form by any volunteer for judge consideration.

Now that you have completed this training, be sure to review the Core Values Judging Prep Pack, which includes the Core Values Judging Primer.  

The Prep Pack contains a more in depth discussion of each rubric criteria and provides additional tips for judges. Thank you for taking the time to perform Central Valley Robotics’ Judge Training and volunteering to become a Judge!

Please complete your certification to be a Judge by logging into MyCVR and taking the certification test.