Thank you for your interest in being a FIRST LEGO League Explore Festival partner for Central Valley Robotics!

FIRST LEGO League Explore is an exciting and intriguing program for children ages 6-10 that paves the first stepping stones for the children to get excited about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). 

A FIRST LEGO League Explore Festival is an exciting, fun-filled event where children’s accomplishments are celebrated and children are motivated to pursue on seeking food for their limitless inquisitiveness, creativity and curiosity about science and technology. Festivals are always celebrations of children’s achievements and success. There is NO winning or losing, it is all about learning, sharing and having fun along the way.

These children work very hard over the course of the season, and it is critical that all the event support volunteers, from reviewers to runners, provide a fun and respectful experience for all.

Overview - What is Involved?

FIRST LEGO League Explore Festival requires some space and  a few rooms to hold the program activities, volunteers to help run the various activities, and a partner committee to oversee the event and handle finances.  With careful planning, volunteer support and a smile, organizing an Expo event is nothing  but  fun!

Partner Organization and Finances

CVR partners with interested organizations to help run our expos.  These organizations nominate one or more individuals who serve as the Event Partners and lead the all activities associated with the event.  These Event Partners will handle all necessary coordination with CVR, attend CVR Event Partner Meetings, and work with CVR staff to ensure a successful event.

The partner organization is also responsible for handling all finances for the event.  CVR works with our partners to create a fixed event Registration Fee that all teams must pay, and the payments are sent directly to the Partner Organization. The Organization must pay for all costs for the event using this income and fund-raise for additional income as necessary.  CVR also requires an Expo Support Fee from the partner to cover costs for services provided by CVR.

Volunteers and Planning Committee

Volunteers are crucial; therefore, CVR provides a vetted volunteer structure to make our events run successfully. Furthermore, CVR provides mandatory training and helpful resources for volunteers.  However, events are required to recruit volunteers for all roles, excluding the key volunteer roles.  

Additionally, CVR provides a structure for the Partner Committee that helps run the event. While there is one or more designated individuals act as "Event Partners" and work with CVR staff, there is a committee that helps plan and execute the details of the event. Details of the committee can be found below.

Room and Venue Needs

There are a few important areas at a FIRST LEGO League Explore Festival:

  • Team Pits: This area requires space for each team to have minimum of 3'x6' sized table with 8 chairs (preferably 3'x10' or larger to sit 8-10 people).  When a large area that fit all teams is not available, this area can be split between multiple rooms, however this will create extra volunteer positions to manage multiple rooms. A cafeteria typically works well for this need. 
  • Activities Area: This area is used to host all activities for the expo event. There should be enough space for teams to participate in the activities plus room for people to move around and free flow of traffic.
  • Reviewing Rooms: For every 8 teams, an expo needs one reviewing room in close proximity.   Each room should be approximately 15'x15' in size with at least 2 tables and 10 chairs. Classrooms typically work for these rooms. 
  • Volunteer Support Rooms: An expo needs a volunteer lounge to support the number of volunteers in place.  
  • Reviewer Discussion/Award Designation Room: Additionally, each event needs a room for reviewers to meet and designate each team for an award. In case of shortage of rooms, one of the above rooms can be re-purposed for this need..  

Submit a Request to Host an Expo!

If you would like to host an expo, be sure to see which event dates are still available by looking on this page.  If the date still is available, please contact CVR by using the form here

The FIRST LEGO League Explore Festival Manual

The remaining sections of the wiki are dedicated to support and management of a Festival.   The sections are split between pre-event, and event day management functions.

Event Day Functions
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Planning for Setup: Schedule and Needs

Includes Event Checklist

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Overview of the Expo Event Day

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Pre and Post Event Items

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Award Structures

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Pit Area Setup

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Activity Area SetupComing Soon
Reviewing Room SetupComing Soon
Opening Ceremonies and Closing CeremoniesComing Soon
Contingency PlanningComing Soon

Support Pages and Resources

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