Table of Contents

FIRST LEGO League Jr. Expo is made up of several components that can be divided into two primary categories:

(a) Items that are associated the teams and prepared by the participating teams  

(b) items that are part of the event and arranged by the event organizer.

Team Components

There are two primary artifacts in FIRST LEGO League Jr. that each team must prepare and demonstrate; those are “Show Me Poster and “LEGO Model”. Alongside, each participant must follow and display the “Core Values” as defined by the FIRST LEGO League Jr. program.

Show Me Poster

The Show Me Poster will be reviewed to find out information about the entire journey of the teams. It includes (but not limited to) the information about the team and its members, any research done on the challenge topic, resources used to gather information, sharing what they have learned.

LEGO Model

The Model gets reviewed to for incorporation the teams’ work into simple machines. The reviewers determine the level of understanding among team members about the challenge topic and efforts made to implement research outcomes, creative ideas into the model and its movements. If the team has used WeDo software, the reviewers may ask simple questions to find out the how the software was used in the model. The model is not expected to be perfect and fully working. The efforts and ideas are more emphasized during the model review.

Core Values

The FIRST LEGO League Jr. Core Values are the cornerstones of the program. They are among the fundamental elements that distinguish FIRST LEGO League Jr. from other programs of its kind. We ask that everyone associated with every team understand and honor these Core Values.

  • We are a team.
  • We do the work. Our coaches and mentors help us learn, but we find the answers ourselves.
  • We share our experiences and discoveries with others.
  • We are helpful, kind, and show respect when we work, play, and share. We call this Gracious Professionalism®.
  • We are all winners.
  • We have fun.

Event Components

Opening Ceremony

This is the very first assembly of all the participating teams, coaches, parents and volunteers, organizers and other attendees. This can be as big or as small based on your choice. The primary purpose is to welcome everyone to the event and give everyone a brief outline of the day’s events and logistics.

Project Showcase

Teams show off what they learned and created by showcasing their “Show Me Poster” and “LEGO Model”. This section is open to the public and usually happens in the pit area. Members from different teams get a chance to meet, share ideas, and have fun. The showcase stays open during the entire duration of the expo except when the teams attend their designated review sessions or participate in any activities.

Review Sessions

In designated time bound slots, teams meet with some reviewers (adults, appointed by the organizers) who will look at their “Show Me Poster” and their “LEGO Model”. The reviewers get engaged in a conversation with the team about what they have researched and what they have learned. The reviewers also want to know about the model, how the team decided on the moving part(s) of their model and what they aim to illustrate with their model. This is a time when interested, educated and curious reviewers spend some time interacting with the kids about their learning. The reviewers take notes of accomplishments by the team and write comments. During the “High Five Ceremony”, a summarized note for each team is read in front of the entire audience.


Usually some activities (educational, fun or a mix of both) are arranged by the organizer to entertain the kids. It may include science demonstration to Magic shows or hands on art work. Kids participate in the activities when they are not in a review session or not demonstrating their project to any visitor. The organizers are encouraged to include this item in the event to provide a wholesome and enjoyable event experience to the kids.

High Five(Closing) Ceremony

This is the FIRST LEGO League Jr. closing ceremony where the learning and participation of each and every kid is celebrated by the event volunteers, reviewers, organizers and distinguished guests. A “High Five” line is formed and each team is called out to “High Five” the with the line. A sentence or two (can be limerick) about their accomplishments are read out loud by the announcer, a named award and medals (or certificates) are presented to each kid.

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