A standard tournament day is broken up into a series of parts. They are briefly described here, and some are fully described other sections of the manual. These sections correspond to time blocks listed on the Tournament's Agenda.

Generic Agenda


The day always starts with check-in, a period where teams finalize their enrollment at the tournament. This period usually lasts an hour and occurs before the event officially starts. You will turn in any required forms as specified in Team Check-in of this manual.  Following Check-in, teams will head to their pit to unload and head to Opening Ceremonies (if applicable).

Opening Ceremonies

All tournaments will hold an Opening Ceremony.  This ceremony will formally kickoff the tournament and any last minute changes will be announced during the ceremonies.

Final Coach Meeting

The Final Coach Meeting immediately follows the Opening Ceremonies and is run by the Head Referee and Judge Advisor.  The Judge Advisor will cover expectations at the event and any last-minute announcements for teams.  The Head Referee will explain the queuing and Robot Game process at the event, as well as announce any new official Robot Game Updates. 

The Tournament

Following the Final Coach Meeting, the tournament begins. Teams will follow the official schedule and head to their scheduled events. The tournament is composed of two types of events: Robot Game Matches and the Judging Sessions. Teams will attend three different Judging Sessions and three Robot Game Matches.

Judging Deliberations

Judges start to deliberate before the Robot Performance Rounds finish.  However, once the Tournament officially ends (no more Robot Game Matches or Judging Sessions), the judges will finalize which teams they want to recognize. This is usually a waiting time for teams; however, judges may wish to call a team back to ask additional questions.

Closing Ceremonies

This is the awards ceremony for the tournament. Any final remarks from sponsors or other speakers are made and awards are handed out to teams to be recognized for their hard work.  Any teams advancing to the next level of competition are also announced here.  

Official Agendas

Central Valley Robotics has moved to "Evergreen" agendas for our events.   Depending on the event size, you can access the agendas below: