Teams must meet a set of criteria before they can register for an event.  All official qualifiers in our area are scheduled between the months of October - December with the Championship also scheduled for December. 

Once a team has submitted all required forms (as listed on Managing Your Team Roster and Uploading Forms), the team will be eligible to register for an official CVR event. Teams will use MyCVR to register for events on a first come, first serve basis. To ensure that a team gets its desired date, we encourage all teams to get their forms in early and register as soon as registration opens. CVR may reserve some spots at later events for rookie teams or teams that complete national registration late in the season.

The official registration period for the Season will open on the date and time listed on the Season Dates and Deadlines page.  

Due to the high load on the web server during registration, it is not possible to show event capacities in real-time. To mitigate this issue, the registration process will require each team to pick their top three choices for a qualifier. This request is then entered in a queue that is processed one at a time. If the first choice for an event is filled by the time the request is processed, then the second choice is used. If the second choice is no longer available, the third choice is used. In the highly unlikely event that all three choices filled, the registration is rejected and the team must resubmit their event registration.

Registration Types: Preference vs Open Registration

Preference Based Registration allows teams to select their preferred events in advance, and MyCVR will process them all at once when Open Registration starts.  This allows coaches to enter their team's event preferences without having to make sure they are available the night registration opens for everyone.  Preference selection occurs before Open Registration (first-come, first-served as noted above). Here is how the process works:

  • CVR will indicate a period of time on the Season Dates and Deadlines page in which teams will be able to enter event preferences.  
  • At any time during this time window, teams that have met the requirements below can login to MyCVR to add, update, or delete their event preferences.  
    • If a team falls out of "Good" standing in regards to forms / screening, then they will need to get their team back into good standing before the preference period ends.  If a team is not in good standing at the end of the preference selection period, their preferences are deleted. 
  • Once the preference window closes, MyCVR will perform the following steps:
    1. MyCVR will delete all preference for teams that have not met the requirements below.
    2. MyCVR will randomize the order of all preferences and walk through them one at a time.  
    3. For each team, MyCVR will submit a standard registration request on behalf of the team. 
  • When Open Registration starts, the normal first-come, first-serve registration process takes over.  All requests will begin processing once Open Registration starts.  Any teams that submit open registration requests at this time will be processed after all existing requests have been processed. 

Requirements for Event Registration

  • Teams must be registered in MyCVR
  • Teams must have two screened coaches associated with their team in the FIRST Registration System
  • Both screened coaches must be listed in MyCVR
  • For all coaches on the roster, they must submit the Coach Agreement
  • All Team Members (Coaches, students, mentors, etc) must submit a Consent and Release Form. 
  • Student participants must be listed on the MyCVR roster with completed paperwork.  Teams must have two or more team members to meet the FIRST LEGO League Participation Rules.
    • Rosters can change after registration and will lock once the team participates at an official event.

Payment Instructions and Restrictions

Event registration fees must be paid before attending the event.  Events will only be able to accept Check or Money Orders from teams.  Cash, Purchaser Orders, Credit Cards, etc. will not be accepted. Teams will receive formal payment instructions on their Registration Receipt from MyCVR.  All fees for Qualifying Events will be due by the dates listed on the Season Dates and Deadlines page.  Event Registration Fees are non-refundable once the payment has been processed.

Requesting Change of Tournaments

Once teams register for a qualifier, they will not be able to change to another qualifier, unless a team has extenuating circumstances. Registration is final once MyCVR assigns a team to an event. Requests to cancel or change a registration will be handled on a case-by-case basis at CVR’s discretion.

MyCVR Guide: Text guide will be coming later, however you can check out the MyCVR Walkthrough training session on September 5th, 2019 or its recording for a visual guide to MyCVR.