Overview - What is Involved?

FIRST LEGO League Explore is an exciting after-school program for students grades K-4; ages 6-10.  This manual describes Central Valley Robotics' implementation of FIRST LEGO League Explore in the Central California Area.   A FIRST LEGO League Explore team needs a room to meet, coaches to help guide the team, and students to learn, get inspired and have fun!  

Team Organization and Finances

Teams are typically run in conjunction with a school or other after school organization, however teams do not need to be associated with a school to participate.

First year teams should expect about $300-$400 in costs (annual + one time costs), which includes the LEGO WeDo set (this can be reused in the future seasons). Returning teams should expect to spend about $100-$200 in annual costs (registration fees, materials, event fees, etc).

Time Commitment

The FIRST LEGO League Explore Season in Central California starts with the Challenge Release on August 1st. The event season for FIRST LEGO League Explore runs from October to June of the following year and includes a number of expo events including the Central California Championship expo in mid-December. Registration for this program begins in May and closes in March of the following year. Teams typically start meeting after registration, follows the meeting schedule and prepare for participating in an expo event. A team can register to participate in one or more expo events during the event season. We encourage teams to host a celebration after their final expo event to wrap up the season!

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Support (Trainings and Seminars)

FIRST and Central Valley Robotics provide trainings and resources to get teams started. Additionally, there is a plethora of information on the internet provided by teams and other partners. Be sure to check out the Trainings and Resources page.

Download as a PDF!

CVR offers a PDF version of this manual, however it is not updated on a frequent basis. Only the online manual below is enforceable at events.

The Season Standards Manual

The remaining sections are dedicated to guiding a team through the various activities to ensure successful participation on FIRST LEGO League Explore   The sections are intended to be read in order and are split between pre-event preparation, and event day activities.

Season Preparation
Section TitleLast Updated
COVID-19 Foreword

Version: 1

Getting Started - Participation Rules and Core Values
(Also includes pre-season getting started checklist)

Version: 3

Important Contact Information

Version: 1

Starting the Season - Registering with FIRST

Version: 4

Season Dates and Deadlines
Full master calendar can be found here: Official Calendar of Events.

Version: 4

Trainings and Resources

Version: 1

Challenge Materials and Resources

Version: 6

MyCVR Onboarding - Signup, Team Info

Version: 1

Managing Your Team Roster and Uploading Forms

Version: 1

Festival Registration Policies

Version: 2

Team Coach Badges

Version: 1

Event Day Activities
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