Per the suggested FIRST LEGO League Explore Standards, every team and team member’s achievements are celebrated. Awards will be handed over to the teams and team members at the end of the expo, usually in a closing ceremony. There are a few standard awards suggested by FIRST.  When the reviewers meet with the teams during the review sessions, the teams achievements, accomplishments and important lesson learned are noted by the reviewers.   At the end of all review sessions, the reviewers meet and a suitable award is considered for each team. The reviewers will have the liberty to name an award for a team based on strength, creativity, other notable characteristics.

A list of FIRST suggested awards can be found here: Award Structures

Prepare Award Scripts and Collect All Materials

Once all awards have been assigned and time should allow, the Review Advisor instructs the reviewers to prepare the award scripts for Closing Ceremonies.  They are usually a couple of sentences to help personalize the award. 

The Review Advisor then certifies all award winners.  This process involves filling out the Award Record document, submitting the award scripts to Central Valley Robotics, and packing the Review Advisor materials to return to Central Valley Robotics.  The Review Advisor also collects and files all reviewers' notes for archival at Central Valley Robotics.    

Closing Ceremonies

Once the scripts are ready and materials safely packed away, the event officials, reviewers and volunteers head to Closing Ceremonies to present the awards. 

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