FIRST oversees the national registration process for all teams in the United States.  Once you have completed the national registration components, you will be invited to sign up in the local registration software, MyCVR.

As part of national registration, teams will pay the registration fee and order the Challenge materials. The following challenge materials are provided to the team and the cost is covered the by the paid registration fee.

    • Inspire Set - This LEGO set is created just for FIRST LEGO League Explore teams and will be used by them to complete their challenge for the season. The Inspire Set includes 700+ LEGO elements, including those needed to create the exclusive Inspire Model. 
    • Challenge Document -  This one page document quickly outlines the yearly challenge.  This can be accessed online by everyone regardless of which option you choose.
    • Engineering Notebooks - These notebooks are printed and shipped to teams. They complement the Team Meeting guide and are used to guide team members through the season.
    • Team Meeting Guide - This is a guide for coaches that gives complete instructions on how to administer the FIRST LEGO League Explore program. It outlines 12 sessions providing 12-16 hours of guided activities for teams.

In addition, teams can order the following if it is not already purchased or available to the team. 

    • WeDo 2.0 - A LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 kit is needed by the teams to build and program the motorized model(s).
    • Additional LEGO elements - Teams may need to purchase additional LEGO kits or accessories as necessary for the model.

The Main Roles

Each team has two coach roles that must be filled, and an optional Team Admin role.  The Team Admin role allows a school or organization to have one contact on all teams to manage payment information and coaches.  The purchaser does not need to be screened.  

Each team must have two adult coaches that pass a free background check (through a third party vendor).  The background check is required every three years, so returning teams may not need to worry about the background check each year.  A team must have two screened coaches before Central Valley Robotics will let a team register for an event.  

Coaches can complete the screening process in parallel to the steps below; however, screening must be complete to be in compliance with CVR's registration policies.  

The Registration Process

The following is a brief overview of the registration process.  Please direct any registration questions to FIRST at:

  • Head to the FIRST Dashboard at
  • Create an account, or login to an existing account.  The email address is important, you will want to use the same email address in the national system, and our local system MyCVR.
  • Teams should reuse any existing team numbers if possible.  In MyCVR, coaches and contacts will be able to see all team results and rubrics for the history of teams.  
    • Follow the steps under an existing team to renew it for the existing season, and use the Team Contacts page to adjust coaches as needed. 
  • To create a new team, click the Create New Team button (or click the "I want to..." button on mobile).  From there, select FIRST LEGO League Jr, enter your team information and location.  
    • Be sure to pick Central California for the region, otherwise you will not show up in our system! 
  • All teams must pay the national registration fee before they can order any additional products.  The national registration fee includes a set of items as indicated above.  Click the Pay For Team(s) button and follow the steps on screen.  FIRST supports a variety of payment options and you can bulk pay for multiple teams at once.
  • Once your team has met all FIRST payment obligations, you can click the "Payment and Product" link to be taken to the LEGO Education storefront to purchase WeDo kit or any other LEGO accessories.  Separate payments may be required when purchasing from LEGO.  
  • Finally, MyCVR monitors the national registration database and will send out invites to the main contacts once it sees that your team has paid the national registration fee.

Types of Registrations

FIRST has a couple of registration opens and there are some important considerations for each type:

  1. Team Registration: this is the traditional team registration type.  Every registration gets a team access to CVR's qualifiers and other events.  A school can have multiple team registrations.  
  2. Class / School Packs: this option allows for classrooms and schools to purchase supplies in bulk.  Regardless of the pack size, the packs do not grant participation in the official CVR event structureLearn more here.
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