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The setup for a qualifier is a detailed process that takes between 3-6 hours depending on the number of volunteers available for setup.  Setup typically starts in the afternoon the day prior to the event and runs until all rooms are setup.  Below are a sample list of times for setup of each area:

  • Robot Game Area: 1-2 -3 hours 
  • Judging Rooms: 1-2 hours
  • Pit Area: 1-2 hours
  • Volunteer and Judge's Lounges: 1 hour


  •  Pits / Team Check-in
    •  Table and chairs to ensure every team has at least one 3x6 table (preferably two, or one 3x8). 
    •  Two tables + 4 chairs for Pit Admin volunteers (in each room, if using multiple rooms)
    •  Power strips / extensions cords to ensure every team has access to at least one power outlet at their pit table. 
    •  Sound system / announcement system in each Pit room to allow Pit Admin to speak to all teams in the pit room. 
    •  Projector / TV in each pit room to display current scores or other details
  •  Judging Area
    •  One table + 2 chairs for judges in each judging room.  
    •  Four chairs in each room for coaches to sit at in each judging room
    •  Area Specific (Judging Rooms)
      •  Core Values: Materials for the Core Values Challenge
      •  Project: No additional materials
      •  Robot Design: No additional materials
    •  Tables and seating for all judges to deliberate in the Judges Lounge. 
      •  Tables and seating must be able to split into three areas to seat all judges from a specific judging area.  For example, at a 24 team qualifier, there are four judges for each area, which means that there need to be three groups that can seat four people
      •  Two tables for CVR staff / Judge Advisor use
    •  Projector system for Judge Advisor use in the Judges Lounge
  •  Robot Game Area
    •  Drawing for layout of the robot game area.  See the robot game setup section for more details.  
    •  Sound System with output for CVR staff to capture for live stream / recording.
    •  Projection system to display top down view of the tables + scores.  
      •  Separate projection system for scores is preferred
    •  DJ / Emcee needs.  Any additional materials for your DJ / Emcee (Computer, etc)
    •  Barriers / partitions to separate the robot game area from the rest of the arena area. (Partition poles + caution tape is acceptable)
    •  Tape / markings for traffic flow in the Robot Game Area
  •  Volunteer Lounge / Checkin
    •  Area identified for volunteer check-in
    •  Snacks and refreshments provided to volunteers throughout the day
    •  Lunch provided to all volunteers 
      •  Preferably judges have a separate lunch served to them; however, they can grab food from the main area and eat in the judges lounge. 
  •  Other
    •  Internet Access for staff / volunteer use (Public / team access not required)
      •  Cabled (not wireless) internet access required for live streaming, with YouTube unblocked.  (YouTube for Education is not sufficient)