The Judging Rooms are as important as the Robot Performance Area.  These areas are restricted to teams and coaches only (no public access).  These rooms are managed by the Judge Advisor.    

Judging rooms should not be locked during the judging blocks.

Materials Needed

Provided by CVR

  • All Official Printing (Judging Schedules, Rubrics, agendas, etc)
  • Pens, Notepads, etc. for Judges
  • Judge Advisor Crate (Judging Lite, etc)
  • B/W Printer for Scripts / Event Support 

Provided by Partner

  • Projection System for Judging Lounge
  • Three tables and appropriate seating for judges to sit and deliberate in each judging area
  • Table and seating for Judge Advisor and Assistant Judge Advisor 
  • Regional Judge Advisor approved Teamwork Activity and supplies for every Core Values room


Judging Rooms

Regardless of the judging room type, the following apply:

  • The entrance to the judging room should not be adjacent or near the judges table.  The judges' table should be facing the entrance to the room.
  • A typical class room will work fine for all judging room types.
  • The space requirements in the center of the room are about 10'x10' in all cases. 
  • The Coach Seating area consists of four chairs.
  • A judging table and two chairs for the judges.

Core Values Judging Room

Project Judging Room

Robot Design Judging Room

Judging Deliberations Room (Judges Lounge)

This room should be large enough for all Judges and Judge Advisors to sit and spread out.  The room should also allow for the judges to break off into their three groups for Area Deliberations. The Judge Advisor table should be atleast a 3'x6' table, preferably two. 

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