CVR Provides a standard set of items to each event, and we also have a set of materials that can be borrowed / rented for each event. 

What CVR Provides

The Official Crate Pack lists can be found in the secure resources section for each season: Secure Event Resources (Wiki login required)

What Can Be Borrowed From CVR

CVR has a list of items that can be borrowed to help run an event.  For multiple event weekends, CVR will attempt to spread the wealth as much as possible.  Please email your CVR contact to request equipment.

  • Video Projectors (1 Short and 2 Long Throw)
    • Projector Screens (one small, one large)
  • 2000W Dual Speaker system
  • Audio Mixers
  • Microphone sets (1 handheld set, 1 lapel set)
  • Plethora of computers
  • Power Strips and Extension cords (Quantities unknown)
  • Four 24" monitors, three 32" monitors
  • Some folding tables
  • FIRST LEGO League banners and table throws
  • Some additional office supplies (varies, inquire for more details). 
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