The Team Pit Area is where teams spend their down time and prepare for future activities.  This area is under the supervision of Pit Administrators and the Event Partner.  Additionally, the Pit Area makes a great place for a snack bar, if desired. 

Materials Needed

Provided by CVR

  • For Pit Admin
    • Match / Judging Schedules for Pit Admin Announcements / Posting on Table for Viewing
    • Chromebooks for MyCVR Team Checkin / Practice Tables
    • Team Check-In Packets
  • For Queuing
    • Schedules, Pens, Clipboards, etc for Queuers
  • Practice Tables
    • One table / field kit per 12 teams

Provided by Partner

  • Projection system for score display
  • Audio system for announcements
  • Enough tables to provide a minimum of one 3'x8' table per team
    • Also at least one power outlet per team / table. 
  • Practice Tables
    • Indicate locations for each practice table


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