Central Valley Robotics has developed a region management application called MyCVR to assist with Team, Volunteer, and Event Management for both FIRST LEGO League programs. 

MyCVR and the National Registration System (at firstinspires.org)

MyCVR pulls information from the national registration system, and its important for coaches and teams to understand the relationship between the two systems. 

  • MyCVR downloads team and roster information once per hour from the national registration system.  At this time, MyCVR will update all coach screening information and invite new coaches to manage their MyCVR roster.  Only teams that have paid the national registration fee are pulled.  
  • Team Roster information is limited and coaches will need to input certain information when importing roster details from the national system. 
  • MyCVR cannot edit any information in the national system.  Any changes made in the national system will need to be made directly. 
  • The Consent and Release form must be downloaded from the Team Contacts page in the national registration system, CVR does not provide it for teams. 

Starting a New Season

Each season, MyCVR monitors the list of active teams and performs the following actions:

  • Team Payment for Season.  If MyCVR detects a team has paid their fees for the season, then MyCVR will create a new team record for the season.   It will check all team contacts and for each contact:
    • Returning user: if the email address is already registered in our system, it will add the user to the team roster and add the team to the user's account.  The user will receive an email saying their account was updated.
    • New user: if the email address is not registered in our system, MyCVR will sent an invite email with instructions on how to create an account.
  • Team Contact Information Update.  If MyCVR detects that contact information has changed (new coach, screening update), it will:
    • Screening Update: update the screening status of coaches in MyCVR, which will be reflected on that user's Action Items and on the Team Information Page.
    • New Contact: perform the same steps as above (new vs returning user) and perform the appropriate actions. 

MyCVR Guide: Text guide will be coming later, however you can check out the MyCVR Walkthrough training session on TBD or its recording for a visual guide to MyCVR.