The very first item on the team's tournament agenda is check-in. Teams must finalize their registration for the tournament by turning in any paperwork or payments (for food, etc.  Tournament Registration Fees are due prior to event day) during check-in.  Only one Coach needs to be present for Check-in. The list of items due at check-in is below.

Due at Check-in

  • Any qualifier specific order forms.  Some events may offer a prepaid lunch option or snacks.  These forms may be due at check-in
  • Other items and forms may be required at check-in. Teams need to check out the Tournament Webpage for their tournament to see if any other items are due at check-in.

Received at Check-in

After successfully turning in the above items, teams will receive the following list of items from check-in.

Team Schedules: CVR provides multiple formats for teams to obtain schedules and we do not provide printed versions for each team. Here is a non-exhaustive list of options now available for teams:

  • Print preferred versions (all teams, personalized agendas, etc) of the schedules before event day (available on MyCVR).
  • Utilize schedules and agendas digitally on event day (through MyCVR)
  • Take a photo with your cell phone of the hard copies taped to the Pit Admin desk.