Team flags are a fun and exciting way to show off your team on the event day.  This sections details the rules and guidelines for Team Flags to ensure they are safe to use.

General Rules

Team Flags should be no more than 8 feet in height and light enough so that one team member can carry the flag without burden for up to 200 feet.  Flags must not contain:

  • any sharp points or edges that could injure someone if the flag is mishandled
  • any wireless technology that would interfere with event technology or LEGO robots
  • any excessive lighting or objects that could pose a distraction to other teams in the robot game area

Required Text on Flags

The following items should be visible on the flag:

  • Team Number:  This is your official team number from FIRST.  It is important that this number be large enough so that event officials can see the Team Flags up to 25 feet away.
  • Team Name

Safety of Flags

Safety is paramount at our events.  As stated earlier, flags cannot be dangerous to anyone on the event site.  If a flag is deemed to have dangerous elements, event officials will ask that the flag have the dangerous elements removed or event officials will try to place the flag in a stationary position to safely have it on display.  If no safe display location can be found, event officials will ask that the flag be removed from the venue. 

Recommended Guidelines

We encourage teams to decorate their team flag with whatever they wish to make it standout.  You could paint the flag your team’s colors, add your school’s mascot, or add streamers and colored tape to make it bright and stand out.

Here are some recommended materials:

  • Pole:  Wooden dowel or PVC tubing
  • Flag Material: Cardstock or Poster-board  

Simple and Easy Team Flag

Want a very simple and cheap team flag?  You can make one for under $15 using common office materials and a run to the hardware store.   The components you will need:

  • Sheet Protector (heavy duty recommended)
  • Letter size sheet of paper (cardstock recommended)
  • Tape (packing tape recommended)
  • Wooden Dowel (48” recommended)

To assemble the flag, simply attach the sheet protector with the open side up, and the hole punch side against the dowel.  Using the tape, attach the sheet protector to the dowel.  Then design the team flag on the letter size piece of paper. (Don’t forget to design both sides!) Once the design is complete, then insert the sheet of paper through the top of the sheet protector.  For optional security, tape the top of the sheet protector closed to prevent the sheet of paper from falling out.