Once the event is complete, it is time to relax and celebrate!

Review Results

CVR will post all award winners and final Robot Game rankings to our website as an official record of the results for each event. 

The judging rubrics are usually available online within a week following the conclusion of the tournament. See your MyCVR account for more information.

What can CVR release for each event?

FIRST limits the information that CVR can release to teams.  CVR is not allowed to release any information regarding judging deliberations or overall team rankings.  All Official Events must adhere to this policy.  Please contact FIRST for questions on this policy.

Advancing to the Next Level

Teams that qualify for the next level of competition should keep meeting and prepare for the next level of competition.  Coaches will be notified during Closing Ceremonies regarding how to register for their next tournament.  Instructions can also be found on the back of the Advancing to Championship Certificate received during Closing Ceremonies.

Feedback to Central Valley Robotics

Central Valley Robotics values input from teams to help make the next season even better.  Be sure to complete the surveys sent out to all teams, including both the event specific surveys as well as the overall season survey.  The survey links will be available through MyCVR and emailed out to all primary contacts for every team.