The MyCVR Judging Profile is one of the most important documents for the Judges.  A well-written profile helps judges remember a team, and the pictures are key in helping judges remember judging sessions.  Judges see up to 12 teams on a given event day, so it is critical that teams make themselves stand out to the judges.  Here is what one judge said about the profiles:

The team profile, especially with a picture, is a very helpful "first look" at the team and a big help in keeping the teams straight when deciding ranking and awards. Some teams didn't write much and we were missing one; as a former coach I can understand thinking it is just one more thing to get done but it should be emphasized how important it is for the judges seeing many teams. It can help reinforce what the judges see during the session.

While optional, judges now expect teams to complete the MyCVR Judging Profile. To access the Judging Profile, click the Judging Profile menu item while logged into MyCVR to access the MyCVR Judging Profile.  Teams should complete all sections of the profile and upload the two requested pictures.  

The student team members are expected to come up with the content for the Profile; however, CVR and judges understand that not all students are able to use a computer and fully articulate their ideas into a website.  In this case, the students may handwrite the profile and a Coach may enter it into MyCVR.  While this is a student run program, Coaches can transcribe the profile on behalf of the students.  

The profiles are printed by CVR and packed with the materials for judges.  This means team should not print their own copy of the profile for the judges.  The deadline for the Judging Profile is typically three to four days prior to a team’s registered event.  Formal deadlines can be found on the Season Dates and Deadlines page and in email blasts from CVR.

MyCVR Guide: Text guide will be coming later, however you can check out the MyCVR Walkthrough training session on September 5th, 2019 or its recording for a visual guide to MyCVR. 

Example Profiles

Below are a few example Judging Profiles from our Champions Award winning teams at the 2018 Central California Championship.  The content serves only as an example.  Some teams only provide content to print on one page, while some fill up the entire two pages.  

Full names have been removed.  Official Profiles will include first name and last initial for all members

The 2019 Judging Profile is very different from the examples, but the content in the previous year's is similar.  The new judging profile is available in MyCVR as of the 8.2 update on August 31.