As the tournament approaches, it is critical that coaches prepare their team for the day. All team members should know in what room their pit is located, how the day is laid out, along with many more details.  Here is a checklist list of action items to help you prepare:

Coaches’ Event Checklist

Bring to the festival:

  • ShowMe poster made by the team.
  • Demo model made by the team.
  • Collect anything required at check-in.  More information is available in Team Check-in of this manual.
  • (New for 2019) If desired, printed copies of the event schedule, agenda, and team list (available through MyCVR).  These will no longer be provided at check-in.
  • If your team wishes to program at the event, bring a laptop computer.
  • In the event you need more than one electrical outlet, bring an electrical/power strip.
  • Money for concessions and merchandise.
  • Students may want to bring a book or homework for downtime.
  • Label everything with your team number (masking tape or with a Sharpie).  Do not label the LEGO pieces that form your robot. 
  • All the loose field setup pieces to work with on the practice table.  You need to bring all other pieces that are NOT dual locked to the mat.  Mark all your pieces with your Team Number!
  • (Optional) Your Team Flag.  See Appendix 4 - Team Flag Rules and Guidelines for more information. 

Before the festival:             

  • Know the location of the event and directions on how to get to the venue.
  • Know the general layout of the event. Teams should become familiar with the event map posted at on the Central Valley Robotics website.
  • Review the FIRST Core Values, Gracious Professionalism, and Coopertition, available at Getting Started - Participation Rules and Core Values.
  • Review all rules for the challenge missions and Project presentation.  
  • Check the Challenge Updates at 2018 Challenge Materials and Resources.
  • Make sure all kids have rides to and from the venue.
  • Inform parents and guests – give them a copy of the agenda and schedule.
  • Invite your friends, teachers and others.  All tournaments are open to the public.
  • No labels