The pit is the team's home base during the festival. Frequently the pit is also used as exhibition area for the festival.  Each team is provided with a flat top surface to display their ShowMe Posters, models etc.  The designated spot for each team is clearly marked.  The spectators are allowed to visit the area during the exhibition hours.  Depending the availability of space, the pit area may or may not include activities. Festival officials may need to find your team during the event. Therefore, it is best to always be at your assigned pit location whenever your team is not at a scheduled reviewing session or participating in any activities. 

As the Pit Areas are open to the public. You should not keep any valuables along with the exhibition items and always have an individual watch your team belongings when the team is away. FIRST, Clovis Unified School District, Central Valley Robotics, Event Venues, and our Event Partners are NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Pit Administration

The main point of contact in the pit is a group of volunteers known as Pit Administrators (or Pit Admin for short). This group oversees check-in, pit safety, queuing for reviewing sessions, activities, spectator control and answer questions from teams and the public.  These volunteers are led by a Lead Pit Administrator.  

Pit Admin is the first place to go with questions.  The Pit Admin staff can relay questions to the rest of the event staff over radios, and help escalate any questions as needed.   Pit Admin also handles all sign-up sheets for any activities as applicable. 

The Pit and Event Staff have final authority on any safety, overall management issues on the event site.   Please report any medical incidents, safety concern (no matter how small) to Pit Admin immediately.  


Each team will be usually be assigned a pit location, a table to use and chairs for coaches and team members.  This table will be approximately: 3' by 6'.  No power is provided at the table. If your need team needs power at the table, please contact the festival organizer in advance. Our website will include the Pit Map for use by teams to locate their practice tables.

In some cases, teams will need to share a larger table. (IE: a cafeteria table at an elementary school)

Teams are encouraged to make their pit stand out with decorations, team banners, etc. However, please be aware of the space boundary and respectful of any adjacent tables where other teams may be situated. Please also keep team number and name in view for event staff to find your team, if needed. Any aisles around team pit locations will need to be kept clear of obstacles. Teams must respect all requests from event staff to move obstructing items from aisles. If your team is not at your pit location and an item needs to be moved, event staff may move items for you but they are not liable for any damages to the items.

Team Flag

While not required, CVR recommends that every team prepares their own team flag to help promote their team on event day.  From Judges to Referees to Queuing, all event staff use this flag to identify teams as they travel around the event venue.   Teams should carry the flag high so that it is visible from a distance.   Full details and rules regarding the team flags can be found in Appendix 4 - Team Flag Rules and Guidelines.


To make the festival event experience fun for all participants, the festival organizers usually arrange for one or more activities. The activities are hosted by volunteers and volunteer organizations. The activities includes simple games, puzzles, challenges and demonstration of science facts in a fun and interactive way. A group of volunteers administers the activities. Sign ups may be required for certain activities. Please contact the activity administrator at the festival event for any question concerning the activities.  

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