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Venue Considerations

When deciding on an event venue, consider the following:

  • Team Capacity – How many teams do you want to host at your event?  (Capacity Target for Qualifiers: 24-36)
  • Venue Cost – Will it cost anything to use the venue?
  • Venue Access – What restrictions are there on access to the facility or materials in rooms?  Are there any food restrictions?
  • Sufficient Judging Rooms – You will need three (3) judging rooms for every 12 teams. For a 24-team event, you will need 6 judging rooms.  We recommend that these be separate physical rooms, however a room subdivided using portable/temporary walls can work with proper audio isolation.  For events with subdivided rooms, the ambient noise must be kept to a minimum.  This means that the larger room itself must only be used for judging.
  • Adequate space for the Robot Game: You will need appropriate space for the Robot Performance tables to be setup. A pair of tables is 8' by 8' and you will need a pair of tables for every 24 teams.  At smaller schools, the stage of an MPR will do fine for this.  See the sections on Robot Game setup below for full resource requirements.
  • Large space for team pits. Teams are guaranteed a table (minimum size: 3' by 8') for their use at the event. This will be where the team relaxes and prepares for their next scheduled event at the tournament. You will also need to provide at least one power outlet at each table.   The practice tables are also located in the pit area.
  • Internet and Local Network Access – Staff and volunteers require internet access at events.  Staff members use internet the day of the event to access key materials and post scores for the public.  Local network (LAN) access is required to use the scoring system for the Robot Game if the event wants to show scores in multiple locations.  Public internet access is not required.

CVR will work with you and your committee to decide the right tournament capacity based on the needs of the region and the resources available to your venue.   To simplify setup processes, CVR prefers the following event sizes: 18, 24, 36, and 48.  

Example Venues

Some example venues are:

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Museums

You do not have to own your venue, you just have to have an agreement to be able to access the venue the day of your event. 

We encourage you to use a school for your venue, and to get the school to sponsor the event to ensure liability coverage.

Setting the Event Date

CVR will work with all Event Partners to help set dates for all events.  Officially, FIRST LEGO League specifies the Tournament Season from November through February.  CVR restricts this further due to constraints placed by the date of the Championship.  The 2019 Central California Championship will be held at TBD on December 14, 2019.   Furthermore, for the 2019 season, CVR prefers one (1) event on a given day, however we expect that there will be one weekend with two.  This season’s dates for qualifiers are:

Official Season DateNumber of Spots OpenStatusTarget Capacity
November 22


24 - 36
November 92


24 - 36
November 162


24 - 36
November 232


24 - 36
December 70


24 - 36

All dates and events accepted by CVR can be found on the  Official Calendar of Events.  

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