CVR will handle all event registration through MyCVR ( The official registration period for the 2017 Season will open on Oct 23, 2017 and be open until mid-January, 2018. Expo Partners will be able to see roster information for teams through MyCVR.  .  Expo Partners are required to keep this information confidential and use it for official purposes only.  Expo Partners can email teams through MyCVR


Registration Policy

Teams register on a first come, first serve system here in Central California. Events are not able to specify preference for certain types of teams. Expo Partners will be granted access to register their teams on Oct 23, 2017. These teams must meet the registration requirements as all other teams. This means that all paperwork must be submitted to CVR prior to event registration.

CVR may make slight modifications to this policy based on registration totals and team locations.

Registration Fees

Teams will mail their payments to each partner once they register for an event in MyCVR. Expo Partners will begin receiving registration payments once Expo Registration opens in MyCVR. Teams will directly send payments to Partners and not to CVR. Expo Partners will need to update MyCVR upon receipt of payments.


Pre-Event Communication

Expo Partners should use MyCVR to send emails to teams. An email blast system will be setup to allow Expo Partners to send emails to all or part of the teams registered for their event.

Event Website

There will be a dedicated page on the CVR website, where the partners will be able to list sponsors, event information etc. for the event. 

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