The key behind the success of an event is the people that will help organize and run the event. In FIRST LEGO League Jr., we call this “The Expo Planning Committee”.  Individuals serving on the committee will secure funding, the event venue, and all supplies necessary to run an event. (See Budget Section for more information on event costs).

One model is to have one or more adults (teacher) along with more than one senior students are put in charge of planning the event.   It is hoped that the student, someone of say high school age such as an FIRST Robotics Competition or FIRST Tech Challenge participant, would take the lead on planning and that the mentor would be there to guide.  The FIRST LEGO League Jr. Planning Committee would undoubtedly work very closely with the FIRST LEGO League planning committee, especially if the FIRST LEGO League Jr.  Expo event coincides with the FIRST LEGO League tournament. 

Roles on the Committee

Expo Director (Also called a CVR Expo Partner)

  • Oversees the entire event
  • Acts as liaison to CVR on behalf of the Expo Planning Committee
  • Works with CVR to determine event agenda
  • Ensures all areas are staffed, informed, on schedule
  • Works with the CVR assigned coordinator and Emcee to coordinate the Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Communicates with CVR assigned coordinator, Reviewers, and Head Pit Administrator,
  • Helps with fundraising and sponsorship arrangements. 

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Recruits and trains Event Day or general volunteers (does not train reviewers)
  • Oversees all communications with volunteers
  • Supervises all Event Day volunteers
  • Works with Coordinator and Head Pit Administrator to recruit reviewers and send them to trainings

Logistics Coordinator

  • Deals with facility related items and issues
  • Handles audio, Video and other technical needs
  • Ensure safety and meet event needs
  • Manage all event supplies procurement and handling
  • Coordinates food, drink and related items, if applicable 

Reality of the Planning Committee

You may not have enough people to fill each spot on the committee, so some people will wear multiple “hats” and share the responsibility of all the tasks listed above.

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