The budget will ultimately be dependent on number of teams attending your event. The table below lists the most common items for an expo event.




CVR Expo fee


Contact CVR for estimate

Food for volunteers


Depends on arrangement by partner

T-shirts for event Staff


Covered as a part of the expo fee



Covered as a part of the expo fee

Site Use fee


Depends on the site arrangement

Pit/Showcase Tables and chairs


Generally available at the venue.

Other Rentals


Depends on arrangement



Depends on arrangement

Service (Cleanup, Security)


Generally available at the venue covered under site use.

CVR Expo Support Fee

The CVR Expo Support Fee is paid to CVR and covers a set of resources and benefits for an official Expo.

  • Registration and communication infrastructure
  • Printed Materials, promotions
  • Trophies/Certificated
  • Volunteer Shirts
  • AV Equipment

Fee Structures

As every expo event is unique in its own way, please contact CVR for details on what you will need for your specific event and get an estimate about the expo fee. 

Event Registration Fees

CVR requires a $40 fee from each team that participates at an expo to help offset costs at an event.

(Note: Expo Partners can exempt their own teams from paying. Any other exemptions require documented approval from CVR.)


Expo Partners are encouraged to look for sponsors for their events. However, FIRST and LEGO prevent certain categories of companies from sponsoring or being affiliated with the FIRST and LEGO brands. A full list of such entities can be obtained by contacting CVR. Some common examples of banned areas are firearms, alcohol, and gambling. Regardless, any and all sponsors for official FIRST LEGO League Jr. events must be approved in writing by CVR.

Benefits for Sponsors

It is important that sponsors see a benefit for sponsoring. Some simple benefits are providing a booth at the event and/or placing a flyer in the packet teams receive at check-in. (See Team Check-in Section for more information on the team packet). For a sponsor that goes above and beyond, consider making them a title sponsor. (In other words, name the event after them.)

You can see CVR’s sponsorship levels upon request.

Note from FIRST about Cultural Sensitivity

FIRST is a non-denominational, non-partisan public charity. FIRST LEGO League Jr. welcomes all cultures and religions to participate in our programs and activities. We are guided by sensitivity and respect for others, embracing a common goal of inspiring, engaging and encouraging youth of all backgrounds to be a part of the FIRST LEGO League Jr. community and embrace the wonders of science and technology.”

While religious groups are welcome to participate and sponsor events, distribution religious materials to teams or attendees are prohibited.

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