Pre-Event Materials

In preparation for the event day a number of things must be arranged and kept in order. CVR will provide a set of important items in Crates .  Each crate will be pre-filled with documents for the event. Crates are listed below:

  • Pit Admin Crate (1)
  • Expo Coordinator Crate (1)
  • Reviewer’s Crate (1 folder, per reviewer group)

Post Event Clean-up

After the event, CVR requires certain actions to be performed to ensure proper submission of information to CVR.

Material Collection

The Crates provided by CVR will help facilitated document return.  Please adhere to the following guidelines when cleaning up the event:

  • Reviewers should return all notes, extra materials, to their respective Crate and turn it in to the Review coordinator
  • Award details including award name, recipient team(s), award scripts to be turned in to the Review coordinator.
  • Any unused medals/certificated to be returned to CVR.
  • The Check-in Crate should be turned in to CVR.
  • Unused event supplies such as volunteer shirts, extra flyers, promo materials to be returned to CVR.
  • Any banner, signs etc. must be returned to CVR.
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