The following sections list the setup, volunteers, and materials requirement for each section, as well as details the processes for areas under the supervision of the Expo Partner.

Reviewers’ Room

The room is the reviewers’ homeroom and is utilized for the final stages of award assignment at an event.   It is recommended to host a separate lunch for the reviewers in this room. 

Space Requirements

This room should be large enough for all reviewers and review coordinators/assisting staff members to sit and spread out.  The room should also allow for the judges to break off into their three groups for Team Deliberations.


No additional volunteers needed for this room.


Official Materials from CVR (Review Coordinator Crate)

  • Laptop
  • Room, Team, and related notes
  • Scratch Paper and extra materials.
  • Award Scripts

Other Materials

  • Tables and chairs for reviewers and additional staff.
  • Multimedia Projector.
  • (Optional) Printer to print award scripts.
  • Blank certificates (as appropriate)

The Procedure

The review room is utilized once all teams have been reviewed.  This process is managed by the Review Coordinator and is implemented uniformly across the qualifiers.   Through discussions and information exchanges, the process determines which award to be given to which teams.  

Team Pits

The team pit area is the home base and expo showcase area.  Teams will spend most of their time in this area during the event day. 

Space Requirements

This space varies depending on event layout and number of teams.  An example layout for a 16 team pit area is below. 


·         Head Pit Administrator

o   This individual oversees the pit area throughout the day and ensures safety in the pits.  Additionally, this individual will need to help find the right person to answer questions as they arise. 

o   This individual will be on a radio to communicate with the Scoring Table, Queuing, and Judge Advisor.

·         Pit Administration Support

o   These individuals help the Lead by tracking down teams for the queuing staff and any other duties needed by the Lead.

·         Announcer

o   This individual may be one of the Pit Admin personnel, or a separate role entirely.

o   The announcer will handle all announcements to the pits, from queuing requests to event alerts. 

·         Queuing

o   These volunteers help teams get to their scheduled review session using the process defined by the Head Pit Administrator


Official Materials from CVR (Provided in the Pit Admin Crate)

·         Review Schedule

·         Agendas for Staff in this area.

·         Chromebook for accessing MyCVR (Need internet access)

Official Materials from CVR (Provided in the Check-in Crate)

Team Registration Packets

The Team Registration Packet

As a part of the registration process, <TBD> will instruct the volunteers to give the team the Team Registration Packet.   Event coordinators may add additionally items to the packet   Some examples items shown below the optional section.

Any other items added to this packet require CVR Approval before the event.   All items added to the packet are due to CVR one week prior to the event.  

The Procedure

1.      Pit Administration

a.      Individuals approach the admin desk with questions, the Admin staff will direct the individual to the appropriate resource to get the question answered.

b.      Pit admin will also ensure that the pits area is safe and clean.

2.      Check In

a.      Pit Admin is responsible for check-in at events.  At the pit admin table, The Lead or Support staff will perform the following steps:

                                                              i.       Team gives number to volunteer and volunteer selects team from list.

                                                             ii.      The volunteer confirms that MyCVR indicates that the team is eligible to participate (i.e. turned in all forms). 

                                                           iii.      If team is not eligible, the volunteer will be instructed on how to help resolve the issue.  This may require additional forms to be completed.  CVR will notify the Expo Partner in advance if any teams fall into this category.

                                                           iv.      Then the volunteer will give the team their Registration Packet.  (The Coach Badges will be pre-packed in the packets)

                                                             v.      Finally, the volunteer will confirm the team roster and present any final notes from MyCVR. 


Volunteer Lounge and Check-In

The lounge is the home base for volunteers and where lunch is served.  Typically, this is also where volunteers will check-in for the event.

Space Requirements

A room that can comfortably hold all volunteers at the event.


The Volunteer Coordinator usually handles this room, however more volunteers can be recruited to man this room and check-in volunteers


  • Tables and Chairs
  • Breakfast, Lunch Snacks, Refreshments and Drinks (as applicable)
  • Check-in (There should be a designated table or location for this)
    • The Check-in staff will need to verify identity of the volunteer and screening status. 
    • After verifying identity, the volunteer is handed their name tag and volunteer shirt.
    • The volunteers then proceed to their supervisor or location.  

The Procedure

  • Check-in (There should be a designated table or location for this)
    • The Check-in staff will need to verify identity of the volunteer and screening status. 
    • After verifying identity, the volunteer is handed their name tag and volunteer shirt.
    • The volunteers then proceed to their supervisor or location.  

Opening and Closing Ceremonies

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies are a key tradition in FIRST events. In case of FIRST LEGO League Jr. co-hosted with FIRST LEGO League event, there may be a common opening or closing ceremony. The Opening Ceremony gets everyone excited for the day and gives the expo event a kick-start. The Closing Ceremony celebrate the successes of teams using a high-five line (as long as possible). 

Space Requirements

A space large enough for team members, parents, and spectators to watch the ceremony.  Typically, this is done in a big assembly area with sufficient seating arrangements.   Preferably, the space should be already equipped with audio/video equipment. If not, those equipment need to be arranged and setup.


No additional volunteers needed.


·         Sound system

·         Medals or Certificates (for Closing)

·         Award Scripts (for Closing)

The Procedure

Opening Ceremonies

During opening ceremonies, there are a few key items that should be covered:

·         Welcome teams and spectators to FIRST and this event.

·         Thank Sponsors

·         Introduce key volunteers and MC

·         Guest Speakers (If available)

·         Any last minute changes to the event layout, etc.

·         Indicate the location and time of the Final Coaches Meeting

High Five or Closing Ceremonies

Similar to Opening Ceremonies, there are a few key elements to Closing Ceremonies.  The order below is required

1.      Welcome teams to closing ceremonies and congratulate them on their accomplishments. 

2.      Guest Speakers (If available)

3.      Team recognition and Award Presentation to each team.

4.      Close Ceremonies

(Note: Guest Speakers can speak during the Award Presentation section above.)


Events should put up signs that label all key areas around the event.   All event rooms, pit area, volunteer areas, and competition area should be clearly labeled.  Additionally, signage with arrows should be placed in areas guiding teams, volunteers, and guests around the event venue.

CVR will provide generic signage in the crate indicated below.   CVR also has a template that can be provided upon request.   However, Partners can create their own templates as desired.  The FIRST LEGO League Jr., CVR, and challenge logos should be visible on the signage.


·         Paper and Printer

·         Generic Signage will be available in the Pit Admin Crate

Examples of Signage Provided

CVR will provide signs such as “Pit”, “Activity Room” and “Live Recording Notification”.   These signs will be event independent (IE: no room numbers).   CVR would like to reuse signs between events, so please prevent bends and folds in the signs, and return them to the Pit Admin Crate.

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