Schedule and Time Needs

The setup for a qualifier is a detailed process that takes between 3-6 hours depending on the number of volunteers available for setup.  Setup typically starts in the afternoon the day prior to the event and runs until all rooms are setup.  Below are a sample list of times for setup of each area:

For example, a typical setup at a school will start around 3PM and run until 7-9 PM.  Things can run later if all rooms are not available at 3PM. 

Volunteer Needs

A 24 team qualifier needs about 10-15 people in addition to CVR staff, key volunteers, and event partners to setup the event.  Larger events will require more volunteers to handle the additional setup. 

Refreshments for Setup Volunteers

Depending on the setup timeline for the qualifier, it is expected that some refreshments / simple meal will be provided to setup volunteers to compensate their time there for setup.  This is not something sophisticated, but simply refreshments to keep everyone energized around the dinner hour.  

Event Setup Checklist

Below is the full list of items and needs for a qualifier.  Some items are dependent on size of the qualifier.