The Opening and Closing Ceremonies are a key tradition in FIRST LEGO League.  The Opening Ceremonies gets everyone excited for the day, and Closing Ceremonies celebrate the successes of the teams. 

Opening Ceremonies

See the Material Preparation - Items Before Event Day page for more details on preparing opening ceremonies. 

Closing Ceremonies

Contrary to Opening Ceremonies, Closing Ceremonies is fairly scripted.  The only optional component is any speakers during closing ceremonies.  The emcee or CVR staff typically run Closing Ceremonies, however the partner can bring in special speakers / guests to read the award scripts. 

Typical Agenda

  1. Welcome teams to Closing Ceremonies and congratulate them on their accomplishments. 
  2. Guest Speakers (If available)
  3. Award Presentation: (In the following order)
    1. Present all awards other than the Champions Award. 
    2. Present ACE certificates to teams advancing to Championship
    3. Present Champions Award
  4. Close Ceremonies

(Note: Guest Speakers can speak during the Award Presentation section above.)